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Steel shovel step by step into a big industry

Issuing time:2021-06-15 09:50

Steel spade, a common tool in people's life, has become a powerful lever to incite the development of characteristic economy in Luannan, stirring a pool of spring water. The steel spade products produced here occupy 85% of the domestic market and account for more than 90% of the national export share.

What kind of legend can a small steel spade deduce? Today, we will walk into the "Chinese steel spade town"-Songdaokou in Luannan.

So, why can the steel shovel industry flourish here alone?


In fact, Songdaokou steel shovel industry has gone through a long gestation process. As early as the early 1980s, at that time, four farmers in this county bought a batch of scrap steel spades cheaply from Northeast China. With simple tools, knocking and welding, they turned waste into treasure in their hands and got them on the market. The selling price was as good as the authentic ones produced by authentic manufacturers. Savvy Songdaokou farmers saw the business opportunities, and more and more farmers joined them, gradually developing from repairing steel shovels in a family workshop to manufacturing steel shovels.

By the 1990s, steel shovel production gradually formed in Songdaokou, with more than 1,000 steel shovel factories and rolling mills at most. However, these steel shovel enterprises have small production scale and low technical level, and their peers have fierce competition in terms of talents, raw materials, market and price, which finally leads to the big waves of the whole local industry, and most steel shovel enterprises are forced to close down, only some enterprises with high technical level, good customer relationship and large scale have survived.

Cold stamping, punching, stamping, trousers rolling, heat treatment, pretreatment, spraying … The reporter saw the birth process of handfuls of steel shovels in Luannan Jisen Industry and Trade Co., Ltd., and listened to the stories of the development of steel shovels in Luannan.

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