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Development Status and Characteristics Analysis of Steel Shovel Industry

Issuing time:2021-06-19 10:18

In recent years, the agricultural tool industry of China's hardware tool industry has a strong development momentum in recent years. As an important town of steel shovel industry in China, the development of steel shovel industry in Luannan County, Hebei Province has attracted much attention from the industry. At present, the town of Song Dao, which is known as "the first town of steel shovel in China", not only occupies 80% of the domestic market, but also occupies 70% of the foreign market.


It is reported that by the end of June, 2009, Luannan County had more than 200 steel shovel and hardware tool manufacturing enterprises, all of which were small enterprises, involving rolling, spade making, pickaxe processing, small farm tools, wooden handle factory and polishing factory, etc. The annual output of steel shovel was 160 million, and the annual output of various agricultural hardware tools and garden tools such as steel pickaxe, steel hoe and steel fork was about 50 million.

Although it has also suffered the impact of financial crisis, Luannan steel shovel industry actively guides steel shovel enterprises to give full play to the characteristics of flexible operation of private enterprises, constantly adjusts the industrial structure, diligently practices internal strength in research and development of new products, selection of production materials, reduction of production capacity, etc., and accelerates industrial upgrading, turning crises into opportunities and rising against the trend. Behind the rapid rise, the steel shovel industry in Luannan County presents the following characteristics.

Leading enterprises take the lead

It is understood that through the development in recent years, leading enterprises in Tangshan steel shovel industry emerged, and Luannan Jisen Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. accounted for most of the whole industrial cluster in terms of product output and economic benefits.

These leading enterprises have played a leading role in radiation. While strengthening themselves, they have driven a number of supporting enterprises and extended a number of industrial chains, which also allowed local small and medium-sized enterprises to grow together with the rapidly developing industrial clusters.

The public relations service platform is strongly promoted

The benign development of steel shovel industry in Luannan County can not be separated from the promotion of local industry public platform. It is reported that at present, Luannan County industry public service platform includes Luannan County Steel Shovel Association and industrial cluster public service platform. These public service platforms provide powerful help in strengthening industry self-discipline, integrating local resources and introducing relevant technical experts.

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