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What is the production process of steel spade?

Issuing time:2021-06-25 09:59

Luannan County, Hebei Province is known as the "hometown of steel shovel". With the continuous development of steel shovel technology, the production materials and forging technology of steel shovel have been greatly improved!

In the production of steel shovels in Luannan, waste "tracks" have been used as raw materials. In this way, the market price of steel spades fluctuates with supply and demand. When the supply is tight, several steel spades will naturally rise, and when the supply is sufficient, the price of steel spades will tend to be stable. Even when the supply of goods is tight, enterprises will stop working and wait for materials. As a result, it is difficult to guarantee the production efficiency of each enterprise.


As the market demands higher and higher quality of steel spade, the old production technology has been difficult to meet the needs of the market, so they turned their eyes to strip steel with more reliable quality, more abundant supply and more tidy specifications. In this way, the raw materials for the production of steel shovels are solved, the production cost of steel shovels is stabilized, and enterprises will not fail because of the problems of raw materials.

The production process of Luannan steel shovel originally had only three production processes, and the production process also had only three working procedures: "splitting iron", "tabletting" and "quenching". Nowadays, the original three processes have developed into more than ten processes such as stamping, thermoforming and surface treatment; The production of steel shovel has also developed from the original manual operation to the semi-mechanized flow operation consisting of more than a dozen machines such as heating furnace, press, forging press and punch press.

With the efforts of generations, the development of Luannan steel shovel is constantly moving forward!

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